Little Five Points neighborhood favorite couldn't compete in Digital Download Age

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And, he wanted to get into the business of helping fledgling Atlanta bands make records and tour. I was just going to make records, but the outpouring of love and support changed things.

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There are more than independent record stores nationwide, and nearly 10 independent music stores in Atlanta or Decatur that have been shuttered in recent years. One local record store owner is going to give it another try. Don Radcliffe, who owned and operated Ella Guru for nearly 10 years before closing it in , has reopened in Oak Grove Plaza.

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Levin complains about the overhead that comes with running a small business, but he is proud to offer his staff health insurance. Sales, donations and other measures eventually covered the mounting debt that included unpaid federal taxes. Levin and some of his staff put up more cash. Criminal beefed up its inventory.

Criminal Records

And events such as the annual Record Store Day and the Little 5 Fest music festival helped increase sales, too. Criminal got its start more than 20 years ago, opening on Euclid Avenue in what is now the Java Lords coffee shop next to 7 Stages and the Variety Playhouse.

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Levin soon expanded the offerings to include comics. Three years later, Criminal returned to Euclid Avenue.

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The shop tripled in size, but so did the expenses. As the president of the Alliance of Independent Media Stores and the co-founder of Record Store Day, he frequently traveled to other, much larger stores and got caught up in their endless selection of music. The Daily Dose August 16, Little Five Points is where biker gangs get burgers, buskers bum their smokes and tattooed somethings get the jobs their Atlanta suburb parents told them they would never get because of those tattoos.

That may seem an odd description of a place. But nestled between Inman and Candler parks in East Atlanta, this neighborhood is a too often unheralded ode to all that is odd.

After all, the first Atlanta streetcars were constructed near here in the s. The remnants of that heritage are easily seen today. The trolley tracks may be gone, but many of the businesses from that partnership have stayed. When visiting, ignore the parking meters on Euclid Avenue and park off Washita Avenue for free, as the locals do. Criminal Records remains a popular grunge hangout, while Crystal Blue serves the New Age crowd with crystals and tarot cards.

The Vortex boasts a foot-high skull entrance and the best burgers in town. Source Nick Fouriezos.

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Despite its funky charm and neighborly warmth, Little Five often gets overlooked by those visiting Atlanta. One major trend of the U.

Little Five is, to say the least, not that. But what it is — a melting pot of new tastes and fondness for old things — is worthwhile in its own right.

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